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This interative children's DVD is the creation of Cheryl Leah and Ed Willett.  It features music, films, poetry and story interlaced with the stunningly beautiful visual art of Kim Curtis-Monson.
The DVD is designed at every turn to awaken and engage a child's inherent curiosity about visual art, music, science, and nature..
Its principal character, a little girl named Clara, narrates the adventure and guides the viewer to fun and frolic in her own forested backyard, and in the fantastic miniature world of the Ladybug Kingdom.  The launch of the DVD sets into motion 41 watercolor illustrations accompanied by the title track song, which together set the stage for the upcoming fairy tale and adventures.
After a brief tour of some of the intriguing things that there are to do in Clara's neighborhood, the DVD comes to rest on an illustration of a map titled "Clara's World of the Everyday".
This map is one of two maps that each host a myriad of excursions that Clara and the viewer can take.
Whether at play in Clara's backyard or in the Ladybug Kingdom, the fairy tale of Clara's adventure in Ladybug Land slowly reveals itself through narration, film. illustration, music lessons, dance lessons, crafting lessons, and science.

Below is the film that started it all! Get the whole story at www.longgrassandladybugs.com


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